Saturday, April 2, 2011

Contest Giveaway

I haven't been here in a while. As soon as I got on, I just realized that I won a contest giveaway. Yay.....==; I shall go on more frequently. Weather is getting better - just an hour ago, we had a hail April. What is up with that?! Oh my...but is a little drizzly ova here but it's getting a little warmer. Yipee.....not really hahaha; gotta go back on that treadmill and lose the bulging side fat. yikes. I just bought nude pumps from DSW. Jessica Simpson's and $64. I've been wanting nude pumps FOREVER and I finally found some. I wish the heels were a bit higher....the gift of being short. keke

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nail Polish Frenzy

Gahh, seeing all these giveaways on nail polish products has gotten me on a frenzy to be obsessed with nail polish! Hahahah >< I ordered 6 and bought 1 :). Kekke, I hope I can have a collection soon, too! I'm trying to look for nail polish blog shops online but I can't find any! T______T;; I. need. to. satisfy. my. craving. for. nail. polish. GAHHHHHHH

I also took a picture of Essie Van D'Go (?) hehhe, so I can also upload it :)

On my diet and exercise...hahah....I decided to make myself run for 2 hours tomorrow! PUNISHMENT FOR NOT WATCHING WHAT I ATE! hehe

Thursday, July 8, 2010

College Orientation (Ranting)

So, for the first time in my summer year, I woke up at 6:30 A.M.! Gahhhh, so early! Hahaha >< So, during the entire orientation, the critical time was only 2 hours out of 9 hours. ==; So tiring. I am also pissed about my schedule - my earliest class starts at 11am! How late is that?! I'm more of a morning person and prefer morning classes at 8:30 or 9 end have the latest classes at 1 or 2 pm. But no, my latest class is at 5:30 until 6:45. I don't think I can survive being up that late and having to pay attention when I can "play" and do other things I would usually do. Gahh, ALSO my biology and chemistry classes are BACK TO BACK (10 MINUTES APART!) on tuesdays and thursdays! THEY ARE LECTURES ALSO! I HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION FOR AT LEAST 3 HOURS in my MOST IMPORTANT CLASSES. gahhh, sorry for my ranting! I'm just furious.

I just found out that I'll be shipped off to Korea on the 20th! YESSSSS :) Haha, that's something I didn't complain about! WOOOPPPPPPPP. I might find my kim nam gil there <3 hehehehe.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Belated 4th of July!

Yesterday, with my whole family, we went to a beach in Delaware...forgot what it was called ^^;;. I liked it, because it wasn't as crowded as Ocean City or as dirty as Virginia Beach. This beach was really small, family orientated. We left the house at 6 ==; and arrived around 10? For 4 hours, I tanned and went into the ocean to ride the waves. I sprayed myself with tanning oil BUT DID NOT SPREAD IT EVENLY. BIG MISTAKE. Make sure to rub the oil evenly around the body. I was stupid, thinking that the oil would somehow even itself out on my body....T_T;;

Then, here's my favorite part! We went OUTLET SHOPPING! NO TAX! WHOO HOO! I bought a bra and shorts at aerie for $14? (the bra was $10 and the shorts were $4). Then I went to AE and bought a top ($6) + vest ($14) = $20? that's a steal! they were cute, too! I will upload pictures latar. I also got bermudas at AE for $40, but my mom made me return them. >< Instead I went to Banana Republic and got two shorts that were each originally $40 for $32! Nice :) I love outlets.

Once I got home, I saw all the scorching red marks near the back of my legs, my shoulders, my belly, my hips. I HATE SUNBURN. gahhhhhhhh, but I think I got one shade darker, which is a triumph for me :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gahhh Mission Failed

Yesterday and today was just horrible. I failed yesterday - I binged all night yesterday on junk food my mom bought from Costco. HORRIBLE. Gahh, I really need to stop the ongoing cycle - I'm scared it'll happen at college and I'll be affected by the freshman 15. That reminds me, I have my college orientation this Wednesday; I'm so scared! I have to choose my life altering classes and meet the fellow students who will be my colleagues.

At times like these, I usually watch dramas but yesterday I started watching the sitcom, "My Wife and Kids". Can I say hilarious?! Omg, it is the funniest sitcom I have seen in years! (besides Friends :p). But I think I watched maybe 20 episodes in one night?! Hahha, I wish the Kyles were my parents - they'd be so cool yet protective, which I think is a great combination. I'm going to watch 10 more episodes tonight! Got to love Junior and his silly actions! <3

Tomorrow I'm going to the beach the whole day with my fam fam. TIME FOR TANNING! I'm pale as a ghost. And I heard we're going to go outlet $hopping. <3 clothes ="=";"><


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


There is no AC in my house whatsoever, and the peak temperatures usually go up to 100 degrees. In literally two minutes, my shirt is wet. Gross. The heat makes me lazy and want to sleep for another 10 hours.

And gahhh, my mom want to Costco yesterday and bought two packs of muffins, one pan of their delicious pizzas, two bags of chips, two packs of granola bars. >:O She always does this! I better beat this temptation.

But right now, all the windows in my house are open, and the cool breeze makes me feel like the AC is on, because it's so cool. It's so cool that I need a blanket, but it feels good from the break of having to squeeze water out of my shirt.

I'm not excited for my workout in 2 hours. I'll probably do 45 min. of pilates and try to copy kpop singers' dance moves for 45 min.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day #2

Whoot. I woke up at 6:30 today. Record. My AC broke, so everyone in my house are swimming around in their sweats. The more the reason to get out of the house and swim in my pool of sweat somewhere that has AC.

Today, I did 40 min. on the elliptical - my legs are burning, and I did 30 min. walking on the treadmill at an incline of 5.0. lsldfjldfjlksfdfj i can feel my calories burning!

Before the workout, I ate a small bowl of cereal + banana ~ 200 calories
After the workout, I ate rice and tofu soup ~ 300 calories

I'll edit with stuff that I ate later on today.

Random Note: I got my paycheck today! That means mall timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)