Monday, June 28, 2010

First Day of Losing Weight

Gahh, it's that time of the year....again. I finally decided to stop junking my body with donuts, chips, etc. What really triggered me was my weight gain of 10 pounds! >< I hope that this time I can get it right and lose at least 15 pounds by the end of the summer! Idk if this is do-able, but let's hope! I'm going to Korea in the last week of July, and I don't want to be the fat one where every other girls are stick skinny. Also, gahh, I'm going to a cruise the last week of August...that means BIKINI TIME! That means that I need to lose my blubber....ASAP. I hope this blog can keep in track and motivated. The last thing I need is binge eating again.

Starting Weight: 134 lbs. ><
Exercise: 30 min. with charliejames1975 (youtube) really really really hard workout!, 30 min. more of resistance/weight training with charliejames1975; my arms are killing me!

I can do this! I should probably update with photos. Will do later. I'm too tired.

Goal: Do elliptical/run for 45 min., dance/choreograph to korean songs!, pilates to stretch those muscles!

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