Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gahhh Mission Failed

Yesterday and today was just horrible. I failed yesterday - I binged all night yesterday on junk food my mom bought from Costco. HORRIBLE. Gahh, I really need to stop the ongoing cycle - I'm scared it'll happen at college and I'll be affected by the freshman 15. That reminds me, I have my college orientation this Wednesday; I'm so scared! I have to choose my life altering classes and meet the fellow students who will be my colleagues.

At times like these, I usually watch dramas but yesterday I started watching the sitcom, "My Wife and Kids". Can I say hilarious?! Omg, it is the funniest sitcom I have seen in years! (besides Friends :p). But I think I watched maybe 20 episodes in one night?! Hahha, I wish the Kyles were my parents - they'd be so cool yet protective, which I think is a great combination. I'm going to watch 10 more episodes tonight! Got to love Junior and his silly actions! <3

Tomorrow I'm going to the beach the whole day with my fam fam. TIME FOR TANNING! I'm pale as a ghost. And I heard we're going to go outlet $hopping. <3 clothes ="=";"><


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