Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nail Polish Frenzy

Gahh, seeing all these giveaways on nail polish products has gotten me on a frenzy to be obsessed with nail polish! Hahahah >< I ordered 6 and bought 1 :). Kekke, I hope I can have a collection soon, too! I'm trying to look for nail polish blog shops online but I can't find any! T______T;; I. need. to. satisfy. my. craving. for. nail. polish. GAHHHHHHH

I also took a picture of Essie Van D'Go (?) hehhe, so I can also upload it :)

On my diet and exercise...hahah....I decided to make myself run for 2 hours tomorrow! PUNISHMENT FOR NOT WATCHING WHAT I ATE! hehe


  1. Did you join my giveaway?
    Good luck on your diet and exercise.

  2. yes i did :)

    thank youu :)

    hahah, i didn't know people read my blog ><

  3. Congradulations for winning my contest. Please email me or post your email address on my blog under the contest winner post within 72 hours to claim your prize and thanks for entering !