Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Belated 4th of July!

Yesterday, with my whole family, we went to a beach in Delaware...forgot what it was called ^^;;. I liked it, because it wasn't as crowded as Ocean City or as dirty as Virginia Beach. This beach was really small, family orientated. We left the house at 6 ==; and arrived around 10? For 4 hours, I tanned and went into the ocean to ride the waves. I sprayed myself with tanning oil BUT DID NOT SPREAD IT EVENLY. BIG MISTAKE. Make sure to rub the oil evenly around the body. I was stupid, thinking that the oil would somehow even itself out on my body....T_T;;

Then, here's my favorite part! We went OUTLET SHOPPING! NO TAX! WHOO HOO! I bought a bra and shorts at aerie for $14? (the bra was $10 and the shorts were $4). Then I went to AE and bought a top ($6) + vest ($14) = $20? that's a steal! they were cute, too! I will upload pictures latar. I also got bermudas at AE for $40, but my mom made me return them. >< Instead I went to Banana Republic and got two shorts that were each originally $40 for $32! Nice :) I love outlets.

Once I got home, I saw all the scorching red marks near the back of my legs, my shoulders, my belly, my hips. I HATE SUNBURN. gahhhhhhhh, but I think I got one shade darker, which is a triumph for me :)

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